Inhumane thieves destroy property and steal truck and supplies from struggling animal shelter

The Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society, along with the Police, is appealing for help in identifying persons who broke into the facility on the weekend.

The animal shelter was broken into between Saturday night, October 9, and early Sunday morning, October 10, and a number of items were stolen.

The organization says it is devastated by the breach – which it describes as awful –.since the perpetrators tore the electric gate off its track to gain access to the compound.

They reportedly made off with brush cutters, which are used to cut guinea grass for the donkeys, and a large Kia truck that was used to haul the grass.

Officials at the animal shelter are hoping the thieves will abandon the truck and it will be found intact, although it was apparently used for another job.

In the meantime, the Society says it will have to utilise the livestock trailer to haul grass until the Kia is found.

It says its biggest concern right now is security.

Since the pandemic, the Society has been struggling to provide food and other items for the animals.  It has set up a GoFundMe page for donations to help repair the damaged gate and to replace the items stolen.