Burglary and assault investigations keep police busy over the weekend 

The police are probing a burglary, during which a woman was sexually assaulted and two other incidents in which persons were accosted by the perpetrators and their valuables taken.

REAL News has received reports that the police received an anonymous call informing them that an unknown man had broken into a Bendals Road home and stole an undisclosed sum of money and in the process sexually assaulted a 33-year-old woman.

Reports are that this offence occurred about 3am on August 21, and it is being classified as a burglary.

Further reports are that the intruder, who was dressed in a black hoodie, ski mask and a pair of gloves, having entered the house, went to an eastern back bedroom and stole the money.

Allegations are that he then instructed the female to lie on her back on her bed where he sexually molested her.

Reportedly the man is of a dark complexion with facial hair and is about 5’6” in height.

Meanwhile, an Upper Gambles man, aged 68, was reportedly held down by three men who then stole his wallet containing $300, a voter’s ID card, driver’s license and a number of other photo ID’s.

Officers reportedly carried out a search in the area and a 26-year-old, a 24-year-old both of lower North Street; and a 22-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of larceny.

This offence reportedly occurred about 1:30am on August 21 at Bishopgate Street.

In an unrelated incident, a Potters woman reported that her purse containing her government issued ID cards, $75 in cash and her Samsung Galaxy A02s cell phone valued $700 was snatched from her by a man with a Jamaican accent.

This offence reportedly occurred about 12:30pm on August 22 in the vicinity of the Botanical Gardens.

Reports are that while the victim was walking she observed a young man in the area, who then approached her and grabbed her purse and phone and then ran off.

He was reportedly wearing a white T-Shirt, a pair of blue long pants, and a pair of black Clarke’s shoes.

Reportedly he is said to be clear in complexion, and about 5 feet 9 inches in height.

A search was carried out for him in the area without success, however.

Three wounding incidents are being investigated, including one which left a Jennings man with a fractured skull as a result of a cutlass attack.

Reports are that on August 21 officers visited Jolly Harbour where they met the Jennings man sitting in his vehicle with a bleeding wound to the top left side of his head.

He reportedly told the police that he was working on a house in Jolly Harbour with another Jennings villager when they became embroiled in an argument over money that the attacker was given to purchase material for the house.

Reports are that the victim was struck in his mouth and the perpetrator threatened to kill him before leaving the scene.

However, he later returned to the area when another argument ensued and he went to his car, retrieved a cutlass, which he used to wound his fellow villager to the head, before fleeing from the scene with the weapon.

The Jennings man had to be rushed to the hospital by the Emergency Medical Service (EMS), where doctors reported that he has a fractured skull with bone fragments embedded which requires surgery.

Officers reportedly informed the perpetrator of the report made against him and he was arrested and taken into police custody to Bolans Police Station.

In another incident, a Bathlodge woman was wounded about 10pm also Sunday, August 21.

The woman reportedly went to Parham Police Station and reported that she was attacked and beaten by several known persons at the Pinknic event held at the Sir Vivian Richard Cricket Grounds.

Reports are that while she was at the event, she was having a conversation with a young soca artiste and shortly after she was attacked by his girlfriend and her friends.

The police are investigating all three incidents.