Glanvilles Polyclinic grounds undergo cleaning today, following Wehner’s exposure of overgrown and disgusting condition

Exposure of the Government’s ineptitude and of Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph’s indifference has resulted in swift action being taken to clean the compound of the Glanvilles Polyclinic.

Earlier this week, REAL News correspondent George Wehner exposed the deplorable condition of the grounds at the recently opened healthcare facility in St. Phillip’s.

In a widely circulated video, footage shows quite a large quantity of goat droppings in front of the building and beneath the ambulance bay.  The animals seemed to have made the compound their resting ground, and Wehner complains about the stench they left behind.

The video brought to light a dangerous situation: What appears to be an electric wire is running for several yards on the ground – exposed to the elements – and hitched onto a post that connects electricity to the building.

Wehner is concerned that the wire – not being properly covered –could pose a risk for electrocution.

The asphalt driveway is also in a deplorable state, as certain areas are already eroded, with gravel visible. Overgrown bushes, including castor trees, are also observed growing between the paved concrete walkway.

Following the circulation of the video, Wehner returned to the scene this morning, May 11, and found workmen busy cleaning the clinic’s compound.

Wehner also videotaped the adjacent compound, where the Chinese workers lived during the construction phase of the polyclinic.

That location was left in a filthy condition and is feared to have become a breeding ground for rats and other vermin.