House Speaker suggests that Police be equipped with tasers to subdue offenders and avoid fights like Woods Mall scuffle

A confrontation between police officers and two civilians is sparking debate about police brutality, while the Speaker of the House of Representatives is suggesting that officers be equipped with tasers to subdue offenders.

The use of tasers, he reasons, will stop lawmen having to engage in big drag-out fights with persons who are breaking the law.

In a social-media post, Sir Gerald Watt says he is sick and tired of seeing law-breakers abusing, assaulting, fighting with, and injuring police officers just because they hate them.  

Watt says these individuals behave barbarously and are evil; yet, when police officers have to use serious force to quell a situation and to subdue persons, they are criticized.

According to research, a taser is an “electroshock weapon used to incapacitate people,” allowing them to be approached and handled in an unresisting manner. 

The effects of a taser may only be localised pain or strong involuntary long-muscle contractions, but it can also result in death.

Sir Gerald’s comments were sparked by an incident that took place on Saturday, May 7, when a man and woman attempted to enter the Payless store in the Woods Mall without face masks.

The male reportedly attempted to gain entry first, but was turned back since he was not wearing a face covering.  When his partner tried to enter, later, she was denied entry for the same reason.

Reports say that both entered the business place without masks and were told they had to leave. 

It is alleged that they became rowdy inside the store and refused to go; so two plainclothes officers working in a nearby supermarket were called to assist. 

It was then that chaos erupted, as the officers’ attempt to get them out of the store descended into a brawl between the couple and the lawmen. 

Onlookers recorded the altercation, which has been widely circulated on social media – including on YouTube under the caption “police brutality.”

Some people have criticized the lawmen for the force they employed in handling the situation, since, during the altercation, the officers held the couple by their hair and shoved them against a wall.

The woman, in particular, was more aggressive – kicking at even the uniformed and armed officers who later arrived on the scene.  In the video, two young children, believed to be the couple’s daughters, are seen crying and pleading with her to stop.

Some residents who viewed the incident say the Police should receive training in how to de-escalate an aggressive situation. Others expressed concern about the children, who appeared traumatized by the ordeal.

While the wearing of masks is optional, many businesses still require their customers to wear them since the COVID-19 pandemic is still causing daily infections and there are over 50 active cases.