UPP Chairman cries shame on Browne Administration as former PM Spencer is left without water

Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP) D. Gisele Isaac is heaping scorn on the Gaston Browne Administration for not ensuring that former Prime Minister Winston Baldwin Spencer has pipe-borne water, as is the case for other former parliamentarians.

Isaac notes that MPs who have served the requisite number of years and  reached pension age are entitled to complimentary utilities.

She says that former PM Spencer served this country with distinction, and it is disgraceful that the Government is not able to provide the distinguished politician with water on a daily basis.

Isaac says that Spencer should not have to ask or beg for water since, apart from his entitlement, access to the commodity is a human right.

The UPP Chairman says the water situation is now so bad that people are leaving their homes and traveling to other villages in search of water —- some in the dead of night, since APUA finds it prudent to turn on the water after midnight in some areas.

Others have resorted to begging neighbours and friends for the scarce commodity.

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) has been struggling for years now to ensure that residents have a regular supply of running water.  Accordingly, it is being severely criticized for its failure to commission several storage tanks left in place by the Spencer Administration.