Lovell says ‘tried and tested’ teachers and nurses will be given priority for pay increases under a UPP Administration

Public servants are likely to see a salary increase under a United Progressive Party (UPP) Administration, Political Leader Harold Lovell assures.

During its two-term tenure, the Administration had increased the salaries of all its employees, including sizeable pay hikes for air traffic controllers, the Police, and the Customs Division.

This time around, priority will be given to the teaching and nursing fraternities, who were tried, tested and pushed to the limit during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lovell promises

During the UPP’s time in office, its Ministers accepted a 10 percent cut in pay since it had inherited a struggling economy.  However, ministerial salaries were increased when the Gaston Browne Administration took over.

Since then, Cabinet members have complained that another pay increase is in order, although Prime Minister Browne has said this will not happen until public servants’ salaries are addressed.

Meanwhile, one resident is asking why the sitting Ministers cannot live on their salaries when the UPP Cabinet was paid less.

She says no Minister should even consider a raise in pay at this time, since they enjoy free utilities and other perks, and many are business owners who claim to be already well-off.

The woman fears that if the Browne Administration is re-elected, then Ministers will increase their pay, while perhaps giving public servants a minimal raise to “shut them up.”  

If the general elections were not so close, she says, she believes the Cabinet might have already given itself an increase.