Nurses say their complaints about the All Saints Clinic have been answered with advice to transfer to Glanvilles

Nurses assigned to the All Saints Clinic say they have downed tools, as they are tired of complaining about the building’s leaky roof.  They say that when it rains heavily – as it did on Wednesday night – the facility is flooded.

The nurses have been complaining about the physical state of the building for years, and they claim that, up to now, the problems have not been properly addressed, reportedly because there is no money to repair the structure.

A spokesperson for the disgruntled medical professionals tells REAL News that they appealed to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health for help.  

In response to their latest complaints, the source says, they received “a plaster for their sore” when the authorities advised them to transfer their services to the Swetes Clinic, first, and, subsequently, to the polyclinic at Glanvilles.

However, “the last thing I heard about Glanvilles Clinic is that they don’t have running water,” the irate nurse says.

It is alleged that staff members were also told that a bus would be made available to transport them and the patients to the new location; but, reportedly, the nurses are still waiting for that solution to pan out.

The All Saints Clinic serves a large population and, at one time, offered night services.  However, after the Spencer Administration lost office, the incoming Browne Administration closed the night-clinic operations, despite complaints from clients.

Only last month, November, the Cabinet announced that the issues which had plagued the Glanvilles Polyclinic – including the water-storage problem – had been rectified, and the centre would soon be reopened for service. 

The lack of running water had forced the facility to be closed early for days at a time and then shuttered for weeks.  

At the time of the announcement of its reopening, the question was asked about personnel to staff the facility.  However, at the time, no one appeared to know from where the extra staff would be transferred.

Later, the Cabinet announced that plans to import nurses from Ghana were in train.  There has been no update on the matter, however.