Isaac tells Browne Administration to call the elections and not make fuel- and food-price hikes the excuses for delay

D. Gisele Isaac, Chairperson of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is advising the Gaston Browne Administration to call the elections now and not make an excuse of the hardships the people are facing, including the recent fuel hike.

Isaac recalls that, last year, the Prime Minister had been so confident of victory that he declared he would allow the UPP Political Leader, Harold Lovell, to announce the election date.

However, Browne appears to have back-pedaled on this boast, and has said the elections will not be called until he is confident the Labour Party can take each constituency convincingly.

The recent fuel increase, the rise in food prices, and the persistent water woes are now being cited as major deterrents to naming the date of elections, constitutionally due in 2023.

But Isaac says the UPP is ready for the fight, and she tells Browne to “bring on the election.”

Amidst the people’s struggles, Isaac points out that the Browne Administration is devoid of practical solutions.  And she notes that it has even stolen some of the plans put forward by the UPP, including the provision of water-storage tanks.