Cabinet considers merging Supervisor of Elections role with responsibilities of ABEC, as Dame Lorna leaves for retirement

Consideration apparently is being given to combine the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) and the role of the Supervisor of Elections.

There has been a proposal to marry the responsibilities of both positions; however, this would be undertaken when reform of the Constitution is being considered, this week’s Cabinet Notes say.

Reportedly the Executive has agreed that there is some support for this proposal, but no decision has been made.

Meanwhile, Dame Lorna Simon, the supervisor of elections, is reported to have joined the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, May 10, so that the Executive could bid her farewell.

Simon is reportedly preparing to demit office, after having spent more than 50 years in public service.

The position of supervisor of elections is rooted in the Antigua and Barbuda Constitution, with the Parliament being required to set the age of retirement.

While Dame Lorna has not yet reached that age – currently set at 75 years – she reportedly has said she prefers to enjoy her retirement while in good health.

She was accompanied to the Cabinet meeting by her deputy, Ian Hughes, and John Jarvis, chairman of the Electoral Commission.