Ministry of Creative Industries releases schedule of events for Carnival 2022; local Queen Show is out this year

Excitement continues to grow for the return of Carnival festivities since the programme of events has been made public.

The official calendar for Carnival 2022 include some new additions, including a car show, Teen Rave and a celebration honouring the life and times of Sir McLean “King Short Shirt” Emanuel.  In addition there will be the usual activities, such as the Jaycees Caribbean Queen Show, Panorama and the Calypso and Party Monarch competitions.

The popular T-Shirt Mas’ and Monday and Tuesday Mas’ display will also form part of the activities. However, the local Queen Show has been dropped from the slate.

Carnival commences this year with a Band Meet Band Showdown and concludes with the usual Last Lap jump-up.

The popular pre-fetes will also be making their comeback and promoters have already hosted a few, with planning for others continuing.

The Ministry of Creative Industries and Innovation (MCII) is expressing its profound gratitude to all participating stakeholders for the Carnival consultations.

And while persons are anxious to revel, the MCII is reminding them that they should conduct themselves responsibly during the celebrations, since the battle against the spread of the COVID-19 virus will not abate anytime soon.

As a consequence of the global pandemic, Antigua’s Carnival was forced into a two-year hiatus.