MP Greene authorized to extend amnesty time period, which residents say is tied to election date

The Administration has announced its intention to extend the current amnesty period, if necessary, in order to accommodate the processing of hundreds of now-illegal immigrants.

The amnesty programme runs from March 1 to April 30; however, Minister of Foreign Affairs Paul Chet Greene, who is responsible for the Immigration Department, has been approved and authorized by the Cabinet to extend the deadline.

Greene is said to have presented to the Cabinet a report on the progress of the initiative, and this decision was taken on the strength of his findings.

Reportedly, over 2,000 people are eligible to participate in the amnesty.

The Immigration Department says it is able to effectively process 80 persons daily; but, that pace might prove to be too slow to meet the objectives of the programme, the Department says.

Accordingly, the law was amended to give the Minister the authority to extend the time frame, if the need arises.

Residents are asking what, exactly, are the Cabinet’s objectives, even as some speculate that it intends to use these immigrants to swell the electoral list. Accordingly, they believe the date of the general elections hinges on the speedy processing of these persons.

The Act giving teeth to the initiative was passed in the Lower House last week and debate in the Upper House is expected to take place shortly.