Lovell recognizes women’s role in fighting pandemic and promises them greater prominence under UPP Administration

Antigua and Barbuda is joining the rest of the world in observing International Women’s Day 2022, and Harold Lovell, the political leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is giving special recognition to women for the roles they played in managing this pandemic.

In his International Women’s Day message, Lovell recognizes all women, but says those who have been on the frontlines in response to the pandemic have played significant roles. 

Lovell further acknowledges that women “also typically did the vast majority of unpaid or low-paid – but essential – care work to ensure the society remained safe: from healthcare workers who had to adapt to new procedures, to educators who had to create new ways to teach, and hospitality workers who had to learn a new set of guidelines to take care of guests and keep their properties safe.”

The Political Leader notes women’s sacrifices and the fact that they still earn less than men, and says the number of females in management and leadership positions remains far too low.

To correct this, he promises that a UPP Administration will create educational opportunities for women, particularly in financial literacy, investment, First Aid, and entrepreneurship.

It will also ensure there is a greater representation of women in the upper levels of government, and will create special grants and funding programmes to support female-owned and -operated businesses in the private sector.

The aim, Lovell says, is for the UPP to “empower our women to be ‘mistresses of their own destiny,’ so that our society can benefit more from their dedication and leadership style.”