Woman faces the court on charges of serious wounding after chopping another female in alleged boyfriend-dispute

A Hispanic woman has found herself in trouble with the law and been charged for seriously wounding another female last year.

The woman, who has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm, appeared in the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh and was granted bail after her station bail was revoked.

Her bond was set in the sum of $10,000, with a $5,000 cash component, and she must report three days each week to the nearest police station.  Additionally, the court has ordered that she surrender her passport until the matter has been dispensed.

Committal proceedings are set for March 2.

Reports are that the woman, who claims to be a cancer patient, inflicted a serious cut to the victim’s hand, which required immediate surgery.  The accused reportedly used a cutlass to wound the woman, and the weapon cut through to the bone.

Allegations are that the incident stemmed from a dispute over a man.  The victim reportedly was attacked in her car after the defendant’s boyfriend went to meet the woman in her vehicle.

The defendant reportedly was upset that her significant other was speaking with the victim.  So she allegedly went into her home, armed herself, and inflicted a chop to the woman’s hand.

The incident is said to have occurred on August 28, 2021; however, the Police laid charges only this year.