Freak accident in lumber yard sends employee to the hospital with undisclosed injuries

A man is nursing injuries following what is being dubbed a freak accident on the compound of Dews Lumber Yard on Old Parham Road.

The accident is captured on what is believed to be the company’s own video surveillance.

The footage shows the man, an employee of the lumber yard, in the vicinity of a truck, near which sheets of plywood are stacked.  As he was bending over near the vehicle, the pile of lumber – which reportedly had been placed on a forklift – crashed down onto the man.

This sent workers and others nearby running to his rescue, and they hurriedly tried to remove the fallen lumber.

REAL News understands that the employee had been sent to clear the area and lay down pallets.  These would have allowed the forklift to remove the three-quarter ply and transfer it to another area of the lumber yard.

While our News Department has received information that the man remains hospitalized, the extent of his injuries is yet to be ascertained.

A report on State media indicates that “management at the facility [has] refused to comment extensively, except for stating the matter has been handled.”

Reportedly, the incident occurred since Wednesday, January 19.

A source says that management is now trying to determine who leaked the footage.