UPP says boating tragedy and failed press conference have sparked new interest in petition to Governor-General

The United Progressive Party (UPP) continues  its appeal to citizens and residents to sign its petition calling for a public inquiry inyo Antigua Airways.  

The petition was launched on Thursday, February 23, this year and, so far, has garnered over 3,000 online signatures. Hard copies of the document have not yet been totalled.

The online petition is available here: https://www.change.org/p/call-for-a-full-public-inquiry-into-the-antigua-airways-human-trafficking-scandal

Damani Tabor, UPP public relations officer, says the Party continues to sensitize persons about the purpose of the petition, which is available online via Change.org and the MYUPP page, as well as from MPs and constituency caretakers.

Tabor says that interest in signing the document has intensified since the migrant boat tragedy last week and the Government’s failed press conference to address the incident last Thursday, March 30.

He says the only means to get to the bottom of the Antigua Airways/West African saga is through a public commission of inquiry.

Tabor says the Government’s lack of interest in finding out who organized the alleged copycat flights that brought in over 400 West Africans is another reason for an inquiry and why persons should sign the petition, intended to force the Governor General Sir Rodney Williams to commission the probe.

According to the UPP PRO, the Administration is not keen even to seek answers from the principal of the airline, Marvelous Mike.

Tabor says too that a commission of inquiry would offer the protection which is needed for some people to be able to speak freely and openly about what has taken place.

He says any other means of investigation would not produce the required results and unearth all the pertinent details of this failed, tragic venture.

Members of the respective branches reportedly also have copies of the petition available for signing and the document can be signed as well at the UPP Secretariat in Belmont.

The petition is being circulated on behalf of the concerned citizens and residents of this country, who have already staged a picket of the Prime Minister’s Office.

It speaks to the general welfare of the populace; the irreparable damage this scandal can cause –the country’s standing in the region and its reputation in the international community, and its impact on the livelihood of the people.