Thomas blames PM Browne’s initial approach to Booby Alley project for some residents’ continued refusal to move

Prime Minister Gaston Browne should be condemned for not having already commenced the much-touted Booby Alley project, says Alister Thomas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s City West.

Last week, Browne and Chinese officials signed off on the project, which reportedly is expected to commence soon, while Thomas is asking how many times a single project agreement can be signed.

In the meantime, Booby Alley residents are refusing to leave their neighbourhood, prompting the Prime Minister to threaten that those who refuse to leave voluntarily will be forced off the lands.

But Thomas is seeking the reason behind the residents’ refusal to move from the area.

The UPP City West Candidate blames Browne for this resistance by the people of The Point. He believes it is the manner in which the Prime Minister – who is also their parliamentary representative –made the initial approach to residents.

Had it been he leading the venture, Thomas says, he would not have had the current problem. With over $160 million in grant funding specifically for the Booby Alley project, he says the initiative would have been completed and the residents already moved into their homes.

His approach, he shares, would have included consultations with the people, showing them the conceptual and actual architectural drawings.

Since November 26, 2019, the Browne Administration and the People’s Republic of China signed a grant agreement to the tune of US$11 million for several projects, including the Government’s affordable-housing scheme.