Farmer advises consumers to take advantage of abundant supply of pumpkin, tomatoes and eggs

Well-known farmer Caudley George says there is a glut of some produce while there is a shortage of others on the local market at this time.

George notes that there is a shortage of sweet potatoes on the island, which, he says, is a normal occurrence at this time of year.

He says he is unsure when this item will be available in large quantities, but adds that farmers have been replanting.

He is therefore encouraging consumers to take advantage and make purchases of those commodities that are in full supply, including pumpkin and tomatoes.

Meanwhile, George says that eggs are also in abundance now, after being in short supply recently due to demand.

And yet, he says, some businesses are attempting to obtain permits to import the commodity although egg production is now high.

Antigua and Barbuda has stopped importing eggs for several years now, since it was agreed that the island is self-sufficient in providing that commodity.