Police appeal to the public for information on killing of All Saints man in his home; incident is eighth murder for 2023

The Police continue to appeal to the public for information on the
eighth murder for 2023, as the victim’s family copes with the tragic
Investigations into the killing of 39-year-old Fitzroy Lloyd Lewis, of
Bottom Village, All Saints, are in full swing, after his brother,
Brandon Lewis, found him, unresponsive, in a pool of blood in his
Reports say that Brandon made the grim discovery at about 7:45
a.m. on Saturday, October 14, and the All Saints Police Station was
immediately notified.

As a result, several officers – from that station, the Serious Crimes
Unit, and the Forensic Evidence Recovery Unit – responded to the
It is reported that they discovered Lewis’ body, with what appeared
to be multiple chop wounds to the head, lying face down in a pool of
blood. Reportedly, he was wearing a yellow T-shirt and long khaki
State media have reported that the victim appeared to have
sustained a gunshot wound to his upper body; but this could not be
confirmed by REAL News. 
Lewis was pronounced dead by District Doctor Sabharmathi, who
arrived on the scene at 10:30 a.m. and pronounced death at 10:42
The scene was processed by the Forensic Evidence Recovery Unit,
and the coroner, Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards, was informed
of the death. She gave permission for the body to be removed to
Barnes Funeral Home pending further investigations, including an

It is alleged that, earlier in the evening, Lewis had dropped home a
co-worker who also lives in the village and then returned to his
house, where he met his end. The fellow worker is believed to have
been the last person to see Lewis alive.

The Police are asking anyone with information on this incident to
contact the All Saints Police Station at 460-1000, or the Criminal
Investigations Department at 462-3913, or Crimestoppers at 800-
Tips (8477).

Sources claim that Lewis’ mother is not handling his death well, as
the two were very close.