Possibility of food shortage is a concern to the Government, says Nicholas, but provides an opportunity for local providers

Minister of Information Melford Nicholas says the Government is also concerned about a food shortage hitting the country.

Nicholas’ comments follow a REAL News report in which some residents are expressing anxiety about the islands’ food supply, given that the United States is experiencing not only shortages but escalating prices.

This has reportedly resulted in persons stockpiling food supplies.

During Thursday’s post-Cabinet press briefing, the Minister said the Executive had discussed the possibility of the food-supply chain being disrupted and the potential result.

He says the Cabinet has seen images of empty supermarket shelves, even in the United States, and acknowledges the discontinuation of a major shipping line that transports cargo to the Caribbean.

Should there be any further interruptions to the timely delivery of goods here, it is possible that the country could experience shortages of food products on supermarket shelves, he says.

This is a very serious issue and the Government is not taking it lightly, he says, adding that other stakeholder bodies will have to be brought on board.

In spite of the challenges, Nicholas says the situation also provides an economic opportunity for those persons who are involved in food production.

He says it will provide these individuals an opportunity to carve out a bigger share of the food market, even as the Government looks at augmenting its spending to acquire goods from abroad, including food products.