Autopsy on burned body completed, but no results to be released until identity is confirmed

An autopsy has been conducted on the charred remains that were found, a month ago, in the trunk of a car belonging to Arthur James.

The examination to determine the cause of death of the John Doe concluded last Thursday, November 25; however, the results will not be  disclosed until a conclusive identification can be made of the body, the Police say.

On October 30, the badly burnt body, believed to be that of a male, was found near Freetown. 

While the Police are still conducting further investigations to determine the identity, most people believe the corpse to be that of James, who has not been seen since Thursday, October 28.

A family member filed a missing person’s report with the Freetown Police Station since October 30, but James has not been found, to date.

James, of Grays Farm, was allegedly last seen entering the Liberta home of Uroy Joseph; but there is no evidence that he left the home the same way he entered.

Some men were later seen exiting Joseph’s home, carrying a sheet with what many believed contained a body. The sheet was placed in the back of James’ car, which was subsequently found

burned out.