Body of Bathlodge man found hanging from tree, but some speculate that his death could be other than a suicide

As Police continue to probe the death of a Bathlodge man, some residents are speculating that something more sinister than suicide might have taken place.

On Tuesday afternoon, June 7, a relative discovered the partially decomposed body of 37-year-old Craig Samuel hanging from a guinep tree, in a bushy area some distance from his home.

Reports say the body was already swollen and infested by flies.

Immediately, there was speculation that it was an act of suicide, since there was a blue rope tied to the tree with the other end around Samuel’s neck.

According to a police statement, “Samuel was discovered by a relative” … after he was “last seen alive sometime after 3 p.m. on Saturday.”

Samuel was officially pronounced dead by the district doctor just after 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

A woman tells REAL News that, based on how the body was positioned, she does not believe it is possible that Samuel committed suicide. She claims that the body was very low to the ground and in a kneeling position.

She is no expert, she admits, but taking one’s own life while kneeling on the ground seems far-fetched, she says.

A post mortem exam will have to be conducted to determine the exact cause of Samuel’s death.