UPP Candidate says St. Phillip’s North MP has shortchanged constituents in healthcare, education and infrastructure

Alex Browne, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Phillip’s North, wants to see much more being done in the St. Phillip North constituency to improve the lives of residents.

Browne is very critical of Sir Robin Yearwood, who has held that seat for over four decades and is the longest-serving parliamentarian in CARICOM.

While some persons might argue that Sir Robin has provided jobs for constituents, Browne says that greater efforts could have been made in the areas of healthcare, education and proper infrastructural development.

Meanwhile, the UPP Candidate is also passionate about entrepreneurship and the advancement of the people.

Browne says a broad-brush approach cannot be taken to address the issues in St. Phillip’s North since each village has its own unique set of circumstances.

However, as a matter of urgency, he says that the UPP Administration will ensure that these matters are addressed.