Letter from Franz deFreitas; to management, staff, residents & supporters of the Fiennes Institute

Good afternoon to the management, staff, residents & supporters of the Fiennes Institute.

I am Franz deFreitas, the next representative of the St. John’s City South Constituency in which this essential institution resides. It gives me great pleasure to be here this afternoon to establish a partnership that will supplement the unmet needs and seek to strengthen the operation of this important institution.

As a member of this community for many years, I can recall visiting with this institution as a boy accompanying my mom and members of my church organization to bring encouragement and support to the residents.

It pains my heart as I return to service in a different capacity forty years later, to know that there are so many unmet needs of this institution established by Governor Fiennes to serve seniors who are less fortunate in Antigua & Barbuda.

I have always maintained that good leadership, innovative leadership and responsive leadership can address many of the issues which we face nationally and at the community level.

Prior to my most recent trip to the US, my campaign met with the management of the Fiennes Institute to determine their needs and ascertain how we can form a long-term partnership to benefit the residents and staff.

This donation being made today was contributed by members of the diaspora. It is comprised of walkers, disposable diapers, bed liners, blankets, cleaning agents and disinfectants. This the first of several commitments that will be made to improve the conditions of residents and staff of the Fiennes Institute.

As we restore this community, let’s remember, “Together we can create something great”