While Browne rubbishes Winter and praises Wickham, residents ridicule PM and dare him to the name election date

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is describing Linley Winter as a United Progressive Party (UPP) activist and a “polling mercenary.”

Criticizing the results of Winter’s seven constituency polls, so far, Browne says Winter has conducted polls for the past three election cycles and, on each occasion, “his unscientific, fabricated push polls have predicted landslide victories for the UPP.”

Browne claims that Winter has no credibility, unlike “the professional and credible pollster, Peter Wickham,” whose May polls claimed that the Labour Party Administration was not threatened at that time.

A young professional laughed heartily at Browne’s references to Wickham. She asks REAL News whether the Prime Minister did not hear the Barbadian pollster’s predictions for the Grenada and St. Lucia general elections, which, she says, “he got dead wrong. Dead-dead wrong.”

In the meantime, members of the public are using social and other media to rubbish Browne’s statements and to dare him – since he is so confident of a win – to announce the election date.

But Browne is also denying that he had intended to call general elections since the first quarter of 2022.

He says that “a simple call to the UPP representative on the Electoral Commission would have confirmed that no arrangements were put in place to hold early polls.”

Despite his protests to the contrary, Browne had been hinting at early elections since last year, and had even announced that he would allow Harold Lovell, the Political leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), to name the date.

He later said that he would not call the polls until he is sure his party will win all 17 seats and until the ongoing water problem is fixed.

However, another woman says Browne must be living in a dream world. She is reminding him that this is not 2014 or 2018. People are now tired of him and his corrupt administration, she says, and so she is urging the Prime Minister to call the elections so they can see the back of him and his ministers.

Under this Administration, a businessman notes, local contractors are not paid unless they support the Government.

Therefore, the rich are doing well while the poor are catching hell, he says, and the time has come to change these corrupt practices and put the country first.