Meanwhile, Barbudans say that an alleged intimidation tactic by the Gaston Browne administration did not work as the anticipated riot by the people did not materialize during Monday’s (March 29) local government elections.

A source tells Real News that a number of law enforcement officers were dispatched to the island prior to the start of the polls.

He says that the prime minister too had journeyed to Barbuda and was reportedly at the PLH worksite.

The source says that at least five inspectors of police, as many as 10 constables, the riot squad dressed in black and fully armed, and a Coast Guard platoon were deployed to the sister island.

Barbudans say they see this as disturbing to deploy an excessively strong security force presence for a Council election.

According to the source, the government was anticipating that the Barbuda Peoples’ Movement (BPM) would have lost the election and its members and supporters would have caused a riot.

“We believe they were confident that their months of preparation and subterfuge would have worked,” the source tells our newsroom. 

It was noted that it appeared to have been a deliberate act to starve the Council of funds to frustrate the people.

Allegations have also been made that investors pumped money into the island which sought to buy influence in the community.

Further allegations are that threats were made to certain workers on the island.

Our source notes that was intimidating is the fact that PLH workers, dressed in their uniform, were taken to the polling stations together in numbers as a show of force.

“The large security forces were to quell the Barbudans when they lost and the Coast Guard transports the leaders to Antigua. We believe that was the plan,” the source opined.

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