Prime Minister Browne’s own remarks, plus Odebrecht scandal, spark Pringle’s doubts about new credit union

Jamale Pringle, political leader of the United Progressive Party, admits to
having reservations about Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s plans to launch a
new credit union, noting that these financial institutions can be used to
launder dirty money.

In a recent outing on Observer Radio, MP Pringle reminded residents that it
was only two weeks ago that the prime minister – who is also the minister of
finance – spoke about the de-risking undertaken by correspondent banks, and
how it is negatively affecting offshore institutions here.

The UPP leader also noted that this country is already under international
scrutiny on account of the Odebrecht Scandal.

(Ironically, although it was proven that a local offshore bank was at the centre
of that scandal, the matter has never been officially investigated by the
Browne Administration.)

Further highlighting his concerns about the proposed new credit union,
Pringle noted Browne’s own disclosure that a certain Member of Parliament
would be investing a quarter of a million dollars in the venture.

Again, he reminded the public that it was the prime minister, himself, who had
accused that MP of all kinds of financial misbehaviour while in office.
Hence, in light of the gravity of those accusations and his other concerns,
Pringle has found himself unable to endorse the establishment of the said
new financial institution.