Browne says provision of jobs helped to keep Yearwood in office, but constituents need careers with upward mobility

Alex Browne is questioning Sir Robin Yearwood’s constituency stewardship over the 45 years of his political career.

Yearwood does not care about the constituency or the people, Browne charges, saying the elderly and the young have both been mistreated.

As a result, says the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Phillip’s North, residents have expressed their dissatisfaction with Sir Robin and his representation.

Browne says that loyalty to the Antigua Labour Party is partly responsible for Yearwood’s reelection over these four decades. Additionally, he agrees that the MP is a likable individual and has  provided certain types of jobs for many constituents.

However, the UPP Candidate says the mindset has to be changed from giving a man a fish to teaching him how to fish.

Among the jobs Yearwood has facilitated, Browne asks, how many people in the constituency hold top-level management positions, whether in the public or private sector.