investigators reportedly fear that airport restriction on woman accused of fraud will be lifted and she will disappear

Sources close to the Police Force say they are apprehensive that the Asian
business woman accused of defrauding a China-based investor will be allowed
– through political interference – to skip the country.

The woman, who is accused of appropriating assets, including lands, worth
$28 million, allegedly has attempted to leave the country since news of the
court case broke.

The inside sources say her attempt was thwarted since the Police have
imposed a no-fly order on her at the airport.

However, since she is said to be well connected, the sources say those
investigating the matter are afraid the ban on the Chinese woman will be lifted
by the political authorities.

In addition to a regular Antigua abd Barbuda passport, which is valid until
September 28, the woman is alleged to be an economic envoy and hold a
diplomatic passport, as well.

Accordingly, the sources say that investigators are hoping this travel
document, which carries a certain degree of immunity, will be revoked, or at
least restricted, until the investigation has been completed.

If the accused manages to leave the country and does not return here, it will
mean that the investor whom she alleged defrauded will gave an even more
difficult time to get ownership of the properties she reportedly registered in
her own name.

Interestingly, one of these properties claimed by the investor is rented by a
government department. And, according to documents supporting his claim,

the Government has either not paid any rent or has paid the rent directly to
the accused woman, as he has received no payment for its use.