Nine hours after gunshots reported  in Berlin, no police have shown up, distressed residents say

Residents of the Berlin community in Potters Village are complaining about the indifference of the Police, who, they say,  ignored their early-morning reports of gunfire in the neighbourhood.

Their complaint comes one day after Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney assured the public that its safety remains a priority of the Force even with the upcoming SIDS4 conference.

A frightened, disappointed, and angry resident tells REAL News that several neighbours called both the 911 emergency line and Police Headquarters after gunshots rang out sometime after 3 a.m. this morning, Saturday, May 25, waking them from sleep.

Reportedly, some persons peered out their windows to see what was happening.   

They allege that they heard angry voices and saw two men, their faces covered with ski masks and holding guns, on the street.

Having called and made the report, the residents say they expected to see and hear the Police respond in a short time.

Reportedly, when yet another call had to be made to Headquarters inquiring why no one had shown up, one person swears the officer asked whether the Berlin residents thought theirs was the only matter the Police had to attend.

Later, reportedly, there was a call-back from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) with a promise that officers would be dispatched to investigate.

However, up to 12:30 p.m. – more than nine hours later – when REAL News was contacted, no one had turned up, they say.

This is exactly what many persons fear will be the situation next week, when the Police Force is engaged in security around the SIDS4 conference. 

Despite the assurances of the commissioner that regular duties will not be neglected during that time, residents and business people are afraid it will be an open season for crime while the Police are otherwise engaged.