Opposition Leader Pringle pays tribute to nurses for their invaluable contributions to patients and the profession, as Nurses Week kicks off

As nurses across Antigua and Barbuda celebrate Nurses Week 2024,
Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle is paying tribute to them for their hard
work and dedication to the profession and their patients – even in trying
In a message honouring the body, MP Pringle congratulates its membership,
saying that nursing is much more than a profession; it is a calling.
He acknowledges that it is one that comes with extreme mental and physical
demands, which, at times, stretch nurses to their limit.
Nurses are called upon daily to tend to some of the most vulnerable members
of the society, including young children and the elderly, with some facing life-
threatening ailments and mental disorders – and they often do so under less
than satisfactory circumstances, Pringle says.
He adds that nurses provide an extensive and invaluable service to the
country and their communities.
According to the Opposition leader, “In family conflicts, nurses have been the
voice of reason; the decision makers in heart-wrenching situations; [and] the
comforting touch in times of distress.”
The nurses also received commendation from Pringle for their ability to
manage chaos with grace and professionalism, and for navigating medical
emergencies with vigour and care.
On the other hand, the Opposition MP says he is cognizant of the many
personal challenges that nurses face, including emotional strain and those
days that come with exhaustion.
Accordingly, Pringle extends thanks to the nurses for putting their patients
first, no matter how grueling their day. He also expresses appreciation to the
nurses “for lending an empathetic ear and compassionate hands” and for their
indispensable contributions to the health and well-being of those in need and
to the Nation.
Pringle is also wishing the nurses a successful and enjoyable Nurses Week