UPP convention opens on Saturday, with vote for political leader generating greatest excitement

Excitement is building as the two candidates contesting for political leader of
the United Progressive Party (UPP) wind up campaigning by meeting with the
various branches ahead of voting at the Party’s 12 th  Biennial Convention on
Sunday, April 21.

The Convention Planning Committee, headed by the former leader, Harold
Lovell, has been hard at work, planning for the big and much-anticipated
event while pulling off other successful lead-up activities.

The Party’s public relations officer, Damani Tabor, says that, preceding
Sunday’s vote for a new Executive Committee, there will be an official opening
ceremony on Saturday, April 20, which will feature international and regional
guest speakers, as well as entertainment.

The event will be held at the Multi-Purpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre,
starting at 6 p.m., and will be carried live on the Party’s social-media
platforms, Tabor says.

Meanwhile, he is expressing confidence that, at the end of Sunday’s delegates-
only vote, the Party will emerge stronger than ever. He also believes that those
elected will perform even more effectively in pushing the UPP forward while
having a broader national impact.

With regard to the voting and selection of the Executive, Tabor says the
delegates will ensure that the right strategic decisions are made to ensure the
UPP takes office at the next general elections.

That was Damani Tabor, UPP public relations officer.