Two businesses lose goods, cash, and equipment to thieves in now-regular incidents of larceny

Two business establishments – D’amaury Cell on the corner of
Redcliffe and Market Streets and Heshaam Drive Thru Restaurant
on Fort Road – were the recent targets of thieves.

Police reports indicate that on Wednesday, April 3, the owner of
the Redcliffe Street establishment reported that four IPhones,
valued at just over $6,000 in total, and $2,450 in cash had been
stolen between the hours of 6:30 pm on Tuesday and 7:15 am on

It is believed that the thief used a hard object to damage the lock
on an Eastern gate and then entered the building by breaking the
lock on a northern wooden door.

Meanwhile, the proprietor of the other business reported that his
water pump, valued at $3,500, had been stolen from the western
area at the back of the building.

The offence is believed to have occurred between 2 am and 7 am
on Tuesday, April 2.

The Police are reported to have carried out a search for the
perpetrator and the water pump in surrounding areas, but to no

Investigations into both larcenies are ongoing.