St. John’s Taxi Association is concerned that unauthorized vehicles may compromise standards and safety

In an effort to safeguard the island’s tourism product, the St.
John’s Taxi Association has renewed its drive to address the
issue of unauthorized taxi operation at Heritage Quay.

Speaking on Twin Island Media this morning, Wednesday, April 3,
the Association’s general secretary, Leroy Jno Baptiste, described

the practice as causing “chaos and confusion” in the Heritage
Quay area whenever a cruise ship is in port.

While underscoring that the Association has no issue with anyone
trying to make a living, Jno Baptiste noted that the quality of
service provided to visitors must not be compromised.

Jno Baptiste says the matter has now been escalated to Cabinet,
after meetings with tourism authorities and law-enforcement
officials resulted in little to no success.

He says the Association is hoping that legislation will be put in
place to address the matter.

According to Jno Baptiste, a meeting was held on Tuesday, April
2, with Attorney-General Steadroy Benjamin and high-ranking
law enforcement officials.

Another meeting was scheduled to take place this morning,
Wednesday April 3, with the Legal Department.