Weekend thieves break into two primary schools and pull off major heist at Boys Training School

Three government-run institutions, including two schools, were the
targets of thieves over a 48-hour period.

Reports say the principal of the Charlesworth T. Samuel Primary
School, in John Hughes, telephoned the All Saints Police Station and
complained that a number of classrooms and her office area had
been broken into, and a number of tablets and cash were stolen
from the office.

Further reports say the intruder had apparently gained access to the
office by using a prying implement to pluck out two wooden louvre
panes from a southern window.

Having done so, the person entered the office and stole four Velkk
pen tablets and an undisclosed sum of Eastern Caribbean currency
notes and a quantity of coins.

It is alleged that the intruder then went through a northern shutter-
window, which was closed but not locked, and accessed several
classrooms, which he ransacked.

This offence reportedly occurred between 3:30 p.m. on March 22
and 7:15 a.m. on March 25.

Meanwhile, the principal of Buckleys Primary School made a report
to the All Saints Police Station that four classrooms had been broken
into and $25 in cash stolen.

This offence reportedly occurred between 4 p.m. on March 22 and 7
a.m. on March 25. 

Entry into the classrooms was gained through a western wooden
window, which, apparently, was closed but not locked.

Allegedly, the intruder opened the window, unlawfully entered, and
ransacked the Grades One, Two, Four and Five classrooms. 
The money that was stolen was inside a drawer in the Grade Two

In the meantime, the Boys Training School was also the target of
thieves on the weekend.

Reports say that Captain Bernard Duplessis, who manages the
Willikies facility, telephoned the Willikies Police Station and
reported that the dormitory building had been broken into between
1 p.m. on March 21 and 10 a.m. on March 25 and a number of
electronic items had been stolen.
When the Police visited the scene to conduct investigations, the
captain showed them a recreation room where several electrical
appliances, among other things, had been kept.
Apparently, Duplessis had secured the room, leaving two
refrigerators, four microwaves, and four televisions set inside.
However, upon his return, he discovered they were missing.
It is alleged that the intruders had used a hard implement to force
open the door to the recreation room and, having done, so stole the
Allegations are that the perpetrators also attempted to pry open a
western sliding window in order to remove a burglar bar. 
A search was carried out in the surrounding areas for the electronic
items but without success.