Gambles man arrested in connection with Sunday’s shooting and receives five charges, including intent to murder

An arrest has been made in Sunday’s shooting incident, in which a
25-year-old Tanner Street man took a bullet to the neck.
Reports say the Police have arrested and charged the alleged
perpetrator, Reuben Forde, 27, of Gambles Terrace.
Forde has been slapped with five charges, including unlawful
possession of one Colt 1851 Navy .36 revolver; unlawful possession
of a Bryco Jennings T .380 pistol; unlawful possession of one .380
round of ammunition; and discharging a firearm in public.
He also faces a more serious charge – unlawfully and maliciously
shooting Dwayne Desilver with intent to murder – that must be tried
in the High Court.

The gun and ammunition possession offenses are summary charges,
meaning they are to be tried in the Magistrates Court.

However, the inclusion of the more serious charge means it is likely
that all will be sent to the High Court, given that the offences
occurred on the same day and arise from the same incident.
Some of the offences reportedly occurred in Paynters, where the
police found Forde after he allegedly committed the shooting; two in
McKinnons, where he allegedly obtained one of the firearms and

ammunition; and two on lower All Saints Road, where the shooting
actually took place.

Reports say that police officers, along with an officer attached with
the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, went on duty at Forde’s
Gambles Terrace home at about 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26, and a
search warrant was executed.
Forde was present during the exercise, but nothing illegal was
Allegations are that Forde and Desilver were involved in an
altercation which resulted in a shooting on Sunday afternoon, March

It is alleged that Forde left the argument and went to his vehicle
where he retrieved a gun.
Reportedly, he returned to the scene and shot the victim to the left
side of his neck, before driving off from the location.
He was later detained by the police in Paynters and transported to
the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre where he was seen by a doctor,
but he allegedly refused medical attention.
He was then arrested on suspicion of shooting and taken into
custody at the St. John’s Police Station.