Residents laud Sir Viv, the only living National Hero, on the attainment of his ‘three score and ten’

The country’s only living National Hero and sporting icon Sir Vivian Alexander Richards was celebrated and honoured today, March 7, as he celebrated the biblical three score and ten – his 70th birthday.

Sir Viv was recognized from all quarters of life, with residents calling in to the various radio stations to wish him well and many more years to come.  Persons also reminisced on Richards’ career with the West Indies Cricket Team at a time when the game was played at its highest standard.  

Sir Viv was also lionized in poetry by noted spoken-word artiste Dotsie Isaac, in a piece dubbed “To Sir Viv with Love.”

Meanwhile, George Wehner, United Progressive Party (UPP) Mobilization Officer, also paid tribute to Sir Viv, recounting a match that was played at the famous Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG).

According to Wehner, when one considers Sir Viv and his contributions to the cricketing world, simply being a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda evokes some level of national pride.

Accordingly, he says that Antiguans and Barbudans should be duly proud of their National Hero.