PTU to meet and finalize protocols that govern the operations of other persons in transportation services

The Executive of the Public Transportation Union (PTU) will be meeting this evening, March 7, to fine-tune a document aimed at establishing protocols to regularize fly-by-night taxi operators.

The PTU recently met with the Police and members of the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board to discuss an incident of violence that involved an unauthorized taxi driver and a medical student and its impact on legitimate taxi operators.

A proposal was subsequently drafted to address, among other things, registration and dues for persons wishing to offer transportation services.  

Ian Joseph, Vice Chairman of the PTU, says that the process has been proceeding well; however, he admits there has been some delay on the union’s part in perusing the proposal.

He blames this on the challenges of getting the various stakeholders together at a particular time, especially now, with a Test match starting on Tuesday, March 8, and other prior commitments.

Joseph, who is also President of the United Taxi Company, says there is a space in the market for unconventional taxi operators – doing what is called premium transfers.

However, he says that normal traffic regulations do not cover them in the event of any misfortune. 

After the document returns to the Transport Board and is ratified by the Cabinet, Joseph is hoping that, within a week, everything will be put in place to get things regularized.

He is confident that, this time around, the taxi operators will be getting their way and not the usual bluff.