As fear of crime grips the Nation, Isaac says Cabinet statement proves Executive is out of touch with reality

D.Gisele Isaac, chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is
rubbishing claims by the Cabinet that “crime is also at a new low.”

This week’s Notes indicate that more than 205 men and 10 women
are currently incarcerated at His Majesty’s Prison (HMP), including
persons on remand and awaiting a trial date.

The Notes credit the decline in the prison population – from over
300 inmates – to the decriminalization of cannabis possession in
limited quantities.

Additionally, the Cabinet is claiming that “employment, especially in
the construction sector, has attracted many young males” away from
unlawful activity.

However, citing the daily news reports that suggest otherwise – and
with armed robberies taking place almost daily – Isaac says the
Executive seems to be out of touch with what is actually happening
Antigua and Barbuda.

Isaac says that citizens and residents are gripped by fear over the
crime situation, especially since it appears the Police are doing
nothing to curb it.
With the Small Island Developing States (SIDS4) conference coming
up, and the police’s attention being focused on the visiting delegates,
Isaac asks whether the locals will find themselves at the mercy of
the criminals.
Further, she notes that the Police are not being equipped with the
tools necessary to fight crime and therefore have not implemented
any new crime-fighting measures.

It appears that things will change only when the rich have a
personal experience of crime, the UPP chairman says.
And she warns that, these days, everyone is at risk for attacks by the
criminal element, which does not discriminate on the basis of
gender, age, or political colours.

That was D.Gisele Isaac, chairman of the United Progressive

Meanwhile, the Cabinet has “decided that the number of officers at
His Majesty’s Prison will be increased, in order to provide better
security and to ensure that the ratio of prisoners to security officers
meets a desirable, higher standard.”
The Notes claim that 20 young officers will be trained to fill the
vacancies created by retirement and resignations and according to