Rural East homeowners reportedly told to stop ‘water activities’ if they want their road repaired

The poor state of the infrastructure in the Rural East constituency
and the conditions under which constituents are forced to live
continue to be of concern to Sean Bird, the United Progressive Party

Houses, roads, sidewalks and other infrastructure in the
constituency are in urgent need of repair, Bird says, while the
parliamentary representative, Maria Browne, is the minister of
works and housing.

Residents reportedly are crying out for attention, with some
claiming not to have seen Browne for several years before she was
re-elected in January 2023.

Now, it is alleged that the sidewalks in a particular area are in a
deplorable state.

A source claims that – in order to have the problem fixed – one of
the minister’s agent has instructed homeowners on that road not to
bathe in their bathrooms, because the water runs out onto the road.

Allegedly, they have been told that the water from their domestic
activities – washing dishes, doing laundry, and bathing – is flooding
the road and causing further damage.

Therefore, the source alleges, the Works minister wants the area to
be dried out so that repairs to the road can be effected.

Further, the agent allegedly suggested that vehicles parked on a
specific road should be removed so the Ministry of Works can have

Bird apparently is shocked by the alleged responses of Minister
Browne to the dilapidated and failing infrastructure in Rural East.

Meanwhile, the UPP caretaker accuses Browne of not connecting
with the people, as she has failed to visit the constituency for a
firsthand view of what constituents face on a daily basis.

Ironically, Bird says, Browne’s constituency branch office is located
on one of those roads that are in dire need of repair.

Either she has not been to the office recently or she truly does not
care about the residents in her constituency, he declares.

According to Bird, the unkempt and overgrown gutters, which are
not cleaned at all, have caused certain parts of the constituency to
develop a foul odour.

And St. John’s Rural East, in general, is in urgent need of care and
infrastructural work.

That was Sean Bird, the United Progressive Party caretaker for
St. John’s Rural East.