Literacy Festival 2024 to focus on community involvement and emphasize listening and spelling skills

Emphasis, this year, is being placed on literacy in communities and
the importance of listening and spelling, as the National Literacy
Festival 2024, organised by the Ministry of Education, Sports and
Creative Industries, will be held in a few days time.
Director of Education Clare Browne is calling on schools to execute
“activities that will impact the communities … in a powerful way,” on
Friday, March 8.
In a communiqué addressed to school principals, Director
Browne has proposed that they host literacy fairs, marches,
workshops, and other events under the theme: “Promoting literacy
in our communities for a sustainable tomorrow.”
Browne believes that the National Literacy Festival –
which forms part of the Education Month activities – creates an
avenue “to raise awareness and concern for the many literacy
challenges and problems … in our local communities and … evident
among students.”
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education says the festival –
which is expected to be observed in all schools – will also highlight
the importance of listening and spelling under the theme:
“Promoting literacy for personal growth – Effective listening and
spelling for all.”
Dr. Desryn Collins, education officer for language arts, informed
primary school principals that it is crucial to underscore the need
for effective listening and conventional spelling, this year.
This directive comes as a result of the Ministry’s observations and
the performance of students in the National Assessment exams.

Education Month 2024 commenced on Monday, March 5, and is
being observed under the theme: “Re-Imaging Education, Colouring
Outside Lines.”