Still no delivery of audited financial statements months after Pringle’s request; Tabor says that taxpayers need an accounting

More than two months after his request for the audited financial
statements and management letters of the statutory corporations,
Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle is yet to receive them from
Finance Minister Gaston Browne.

Therefore, observers are asking why it is taking this long and what
the Government is trying to hide.

This situation is also frustrating the work of the Public Accounts
Committee headed by the Opposition leader.

Damani Tabor, the United Progressive Party’s public relations
officer, says the Browne Administration should move, with haste, to
get these financial documents to the director of audit so the Public
Accounts Committee can do its job.

After all, Tabor says, members of the public should know how their
tax dollars are being spent. 

Damani Tabor, public relations officer for the United Progressive