Bird invites others to take a walk in Rural East and verify atrocious state of its infrastructure

Sean Bird, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St.
John’s Rural East, is again decrying the poor state of the
constituency’s infrastructure.

The roads and drains are in a deplorable state and the
parliamentary representative – Minister of Works Maria Browne –
has done little to better the conditions, residents of the community
have complained.

Bird describes the state of the infrastructure as atrocious – adding
that this is not a political statement. He says that one needs only to
take a walk in the constituency to verify what he is saying.

The caretaker notes that Antigua Labour Party representatives do
not care about the citizens or residents of this country.  

They promise all sorts of things only to secure victory at the polls, he
says. However, after getting into office, the people are neglected.
Accordingly, he say it is time for the people to wake up and stop
allowing themselves to be used.

Meanwhile, Bird says the Public Works minister appears to lack the
competence and capacity to deliver to those who elected her to
office for a second term.

Sean Bird, UPP caretaker for St. John’s Rural East.