Executive considers holding parents responsible for violence committed by their minor children

The Cabinet is seeking to hold parents responsible for the actions of
their children who commit violent acts.

This consideration comes as incidents of violence among youth – in
particular, secondary-school students – are increasing, and with the
murder of a 22-year-old Yorks Village man.
This solution was discussed by members of the Executive during its
meeting on Wednesday, February 14, as the other proposals already
suggested by the body are yet to be implemented.
The Cabinet Notes refer to a recent decision rendered by a United
States court that found a parent guilty for the criminal actions of a
Reportedly, the parent had had prior knowledge of the son’s
ownership of a weapon and had also learned of the boy’s threats to
do harm to others. However, the adult had done nothing to ensure
the child would be deprived of his weapon; nor did the parent take
the child for counseling.
“The court therefore found that the parent was complicit in the
actions of the son and imposed a lengthy jail term on the parent for
the crime committed by the child,” the Notes say.
As a result, the Cabinet is encouraging parents whose child or
children appear intent on harming others to seek professional
assistance in order to discourage them from anti-social, violent

But critics are already saying that the Cabinet appears to be nothing
but a talk shop on issues, with no efforts being made for meaningful
implementation of the decisions taken there.

Meanwhile, the Executive has expressed its condolences to the
relatives and friends of Jamal Ryner, the country’s second homicide

victim for 2024, who was fatally stabbed on Tuesday night, February
13, on Rowan Henry Street.

In another incident of violence, it was only last week that a
secondary-school pupil was pounced upon by a group of four fellow
students at the West Bus Station terminal.

The victim was chopped with a machete and had to be treated at the
hospital for his injuries.

Apparently, this was not the first clash between these students, with
the first incident having occurred sometime in January on
Independence Drive.