Sir Molwyn recommends HPV vaccination of girls, treatment, and screening to eliminate cervical cancer in four years

As Antigua and Barbuda recognizes Cervical Cancer Awareness
Month, the minister of health has revealed that local cervical-cancer
cases have doubled in the last two years.
During the January 17 Cabinet meeting, Sir Molwyn Joseph
reportedly disclosed that quite a number of women have been
suffering from this disease, for which the Human Papilloma Virus
(HPV) is solely responsible.
Joseph says it is a sexually transmitted disease that affects women
and causes cancer if left untreated. However, it can be prevented by
administering a vaccine before girls begin engaging in sexual
Sir Molwyn says that vaccination, treatment and screening are the
three steps that can be taken to reduce the impact of the disease
significantly. And he believes that the disease can be eliminated
from the local population in four years by aggressive application of
the antiviral drug.

Some residents believe the minister will have an uphill battle in this
regard, given the resistance to the COVID-19 vaccinations and the
fallout since the crisis has passed. Further, they say that Antiguans

and Barbudans are even more protective of their children and will
be reluctant to subject them to the HPV vaccination.
Several activities are now being held to bring about awareness
about this disease and how it can be prevented.
A church service last Sunday, January 14, kicked off the week of
activities, which runs until February 24.