Another promise from Sir Molwyn: Sickle-cell clinic to be established on Holberton compound

Another specialized clinic is being earmarked for the compound of
the old Holberton Hospital.
Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph is promising that a clinic
dedicated to treating sickle-cell patients will be established on the
grounds, and the Cabinet agreed to this during its sitting on
Wednesday, January 17.
Reportedly, the primary objective of this initiative is to treat the
pain experienced by sickle-cell patients during a crisis as quickly
as possible and divert them from the hospital.
Harm to a patient’s organs can be minimized by early pain
management, the Cabinet was told by Dr. Edda Hadeed, who had
been invited to discuss sickle cell anemia as a healthcare
challenge in Antigua and Barbuda.

Reportedly, one out of every five residents carries the sickle trait,
and about 1,000 sickle-cell patients rely on medicines to help
them to manage the pain.
However, Dr. Hadeed pointed out that pain management is one of
the greatest challenges faced by those who have the full-blown
Sickle cell disease is inherited from parents and it is a blood
condition with pain that affects all aspects of a patient’s life.
During a crisis, oxygen is cut off in the blood, and this could result
in damage to many of the sufferer’s organs.
Meanwhile, observers recall the announcement, made years ago,
that a facility to treat heart ailments would be constructed on the
site of the former public hospital. This is yet to materialize.

They point out, as well, that construction of a dialysis centre was
started there some time ago, and the building now stands less
than half completed.