Inflow of illegal drug continues, with police making third discovery of cannabis at a port in just over one week

Drugs seem to be coming into this country at an alarming rate, even as the Police have conducted another successful drug-interdiction exercise – the third in just over one week since the New Year began.

Officers from the Narcotics Department and Customs Enforcement Unit Task Force conducted the joint operation at the V.C. Bird International Airport FedEx Cargo Storage Shed.  

During the search, one brown FedEx cardboard box was found to contain four vacuumed-sealed packages with cannabis.  The illegal substance weighs four pounds and has an estimated street value of $24,000.

As investigations into the discovery continue, the box and its contents were taken to Police Headquarters.

This find reportedly occurred at about 2:30 p.m. on January 9.

Persons are expressing the hope that, this year, instead of just confiscating the drugs, the Police will detain, arrest and charge those responsible for the importation of the illegal substance.