Fake landlord defrauds a third victim through Facebook ad for house rental

The rent fraudster is at it again, this time his victim being a Cashew
Hill man.
While the surname he is using remains the same, the perpetrator is
now using a different first name to perpetrate his acts of fraud.
A source says the latest victim went to the Criminal Investigations
Department (CID) and reported that he had been defrauded of
$2,600 in cash.
This offence reportedly occurred on January 2, this year, in Cassada
Gardens, while his other two capers occurred in 2023.
Like the other victims, the Cashew Hill man had seen a Facebook
notice announcing a house for rent, and he contacted the person
whose information appeared with the ad.
He then made arrangements to meet the alleged owner and pay the
deposit and the first month’s rent.

However, after he paid the money to the supposed landlord, the
victim says he could not be reached via telephone or on social