Police firearm is out on the streets, as officer claims he lost gun while out on duty; discipline for discreditable conduct likely

A police firearm is out on the streets and may have fallen into the
hands of criminal elements, while the officer to whom it was issued
is to be disciplined for discreditable conduct.

It is alleged that, on December 3, the constable – attached to the
Grays Farm Police Station – was issued a 9mm pistol, along with 15
rounds of ammunition, to go on duty in the district.

Sources allege that some time after he returned to the station, the
corporal on duty requested the firearm. Reports say the officer told
the corporal that he had left the firearm on the bonnet of the police
vehicle, and it apparently had fallen somewhere.

Reportedly, several searches were conducted and the firearm was
not recovered. And sources say it is feared that the constable might
have given or sold the firearm while out on duty.

Accordingly, an internal investigation has been launched into the
disappearance of the firearm and disciplinary action appears to be
likely, since it appears that he has caused discredit to the