Wadadli Beer causes thief to reveal his identity and lands him a conviction and a 13-year sentence for aggravated robbery

A man received almost the maximum sentence for aggravated robbery committed against a pensioner, but, instead, was given a 13-year prison term. 

Carson Matthew Jr. was convicted of the offence and sentenced by High Court Judge Ann-Marie Smith on Wednesday, June 1, after a judge-alone trial that concluded in quick time.

The 25-year-old Fort Road man received such a significant sentence because he has similar previous convictions, and the judge referred to him as a “career criminal.”

The maximum penalty for aggravated robbery is 15 years in prison.

During the crime, Matthew is alleged to have stolen $306 and a Wadadli beer from his victim while threatening him with a knife.

Reports say that Matthew broke into the home of the 68-year-old man at about 2:30 a.m. while the victim was sleeping with his lights on.

The man was awakened by intruder’s presence, and Matthew immediately made demands for money and threatened to stab him in the throat after he cried out.

It was Matthew, himself, who exposed his identity by pulling down his mask after taking the beer and asking for more money, which the victim said he did not have.

A report was made to the Police, and Matthew was later identified by the victim from a field of eight other men in an ID parade.

The victim says he is still traumatized by the ordeal.

This offence reportedly occurred on January 3, 2021.