Marble Hill residents complain that Monday’s collection of garbage was missed and ask whether haulers are on strike

Residents of the Marble Hill community are asking whether the garbage haulers attached to the National Solid Waste Authority are on strike.

One home-owner tells REAL News that the scheduled pick-up on Monday was not made and, up to today, Friday – the day before the four-day Christmas holidays – the garbage was still uncollected.

A female resident, meanwhile, called in to Progressive FM to complain about the same situation – about which the area’s representative, Charles “Max” Fernandez, was either unaware or unable to correct.

About three weeks ago, residents of Weirs experienced a similar situation when garbage was not collected for two consecutive Mondays.  

When the Solid Waste Authority was called, management said it had been unaware of the lapse.  However, after they confirmed the report, haulers were deployed the next day to empty the waste bins.

Meanwhile, in addition to complaints about the pile-up of garbage in Marble Hill, the woman commented on the grimy state of downtown St. John’s and the stench permeating the City, which is filled with holiday shoppers, cruise visitors, and nationals on vacation at this time of year.